Putting Technology Into The Hands Of Tomorrow

Our Mission

  • Technology

    The child destined to invent the next version of the internet could be without a computer right now. We need to change that.

  • Giving

    We furnish eligible children with Linux computers in an effort to ensure no one is left on the wrong side of the digital divide.

  • Education

    We not only give these children computers, we teach them how to use them so they may build their own future.

Why Reglue ?

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    Recycled Electronics and Gnu/Linux Used for Education. Reglue, in a nutshell, gives free Linux computers to under privileged children and their families.

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    Bridging the Digital Divide

    According to our estimates and those of the Austin Independent School District, there are over 5000 Austin students who cannot afford a computer or Internet access. Reglue wants to reduce that number by as much as we can. Since 2005 we have provided 1102 disadvantaged Austin-area kids and their families a computer. These kids cannot grow and compete with their peers unless they have a computer and Reglue focuses on giving these kids the tools they need.

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    Community Involvement

    We have also built computer and technology learning centers in and around East Austin. One of our biggest is the Bruno Knaapen Technology Learning Center based in the Cristo Rey Catholic Church on East Second Street, you can read more about that at the Blog of Helios site. This lab serves the local community and we are privileged to offer weekly classes at that center to teach people how to use a computer and how best to use the Internet for job searches and communicating with their families.

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    Social and Environmental Responsibility

    Many of the best computers we've refurbished have come from a curbside trash pickup. The sins were twofold in that these were perfectly usable machines and we fixed them and gave them to kids that were in need. Secondly, these machines would have ended up in a landfill somewhere, polluting the ground water with lead, zinc and other toxins. Reglue not only practices responsible E-waste, by refurbishing donated machines to disadvantaged kids, we assure they stay out of the scrap heap for another 3-5 years

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    Your Data is Safe

    Many of our donors give us computers that still have their personal data on them. Reglue values your data just as much as you do and we work to Department of Defense standards to wipe your hard drives to insure no one can recover it. (well maybe to the exclusion of the NSA). We use a software program called DBAN to scrub the information from your drives. Of course, should you deem it necessary, we will gladly accept your computer after you remove the hard drive and we will replace it with one of our own.

Bits & Bytes

  • Donate to REGLUE!

  • Computer 101 classes

    We run classes at the Reglue facility as the need arises for our clients. Call to reserve your spot or to check on the next scheduled set. These classes are free to the public.

  • Community Service Award

    In recognition for his extensive work with children in the Austin Community, Ken Starks has been presented the Dewey Winburne Award for community excellence. You can read the official announcement at the SXSW site.